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30 September 2008 @ 06:06 pm
For those still around, I thought I would post an update. I still look back with fond memories of the 2 years of Settlers and the friends I made there. Like all things, life has moved on, and while I never did created my character on RSP, I finally laid to rest the remaining characters that I had on Virtuapern MOO.

For the moment my MOO/MUSH days are at an end, I was sucked into the void that is World of Warcraft not likely to depart there anytime soon. I just thought I'd post an update, say hi to everyone.

Clear Skies,

A'yon... or in RL Kristie
19 March 2007 @ 07:49 pm
It was hard to settle back into a normal flow of things once the majority of the weyr jumped forward. A’yon was in fact the least surprised when L’ott arrived back a week later. The two went into the Weyrleader’s Office and closed the door, not to emerge again for several hours. Neither spoke of the words that were said, but a sort of friendship did eventually develop between the two of them.

It seemed that once Io and the rest jumped forward, the spirit and heart of Connell Weyr left with them, Zakias’s departure being the first of many that next turn. Zelinci's gold did indeed rise next, with S'los's bronze making that important catch. A'yon helped him out as much as possible, but very soon S'los stepped down handing the Weyrleader spot over to A'yon, a position he would keep until the end. In the usual way of things, he never did name a new Weyrsecond, instead gave those remaining few he trusted control of the two wings while he dedicated himself to trying to improve relations with the North.

Two turns later Linsora and A’yon welcomed another little girl into their family, the last child that they would have. Time moved ever onward and those remaining at Connell struggled to keep the weyr alive, but in the end nothing could be done to save the place.

About eight turns after the jump, A’yon made arrangements with the Northern Weyrs, and slowly the remaining riders of Connell returned to their former homes or found news ones in the North. A’yon, Linsora, and a few others stayed at Connell almost another full two turns, until a extremely rainy season flooded the area and forced them to finally leave the home that they had created.

A’yon had already made plans in the event such a thing happened, and in agreement with the Benden Weyrleaders, he and his family joined Benden Weyr. Life in a new place was difficult, first the hostility toward what they had done, then finally acceptance. Several turns went by, Linsora once again became Headwoman of the Lower Caverns while A’yon was eventually obtained a Wingleader position.

There the family prospered, a few of their children joined various crafts, while some eventually became dragonriders. Promises were also kept, A’yon would regularly visit and check up on Zakias, Shana, and other former Connellites, still trying to keep his promise to Iopeian.

Regular trips were made back to Connell, to retrieve items forgotten, or things that could be used elsewhere. As the turns passed, these became fewer and farer between until soon the weyr was lost to the jungle and time.

A’yon eventually became Weyrlingmaster at Benden, soon after his 50th turn day eventually training not only his children, but some of his grandchildren as well.

Shortly after their 50th turn together, A’yon lost Linsora to a lingering sickness of the chest. Devastated at the loss of his love, he said some quiet goodbyes to his remaining family, and clutching an old scrap of hide with various star markings, packed up his belongings and upon Kalavoth left Benden Weyr forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

OOC: There may be some who disagree with what I have written here, it is in my mind a logical end to my character, and I am sure that Linsora's player would be in agreement with me. This is a fitting ending to a wonderful character that I played for two solid years. The majority of what is here at the end of his history I wish to remain the same, however, if any would like to be added to or have something said about them in this final chapter, please let me know. I can always be reached at my email found in my LJ profile.

Goodbye my friends... till we meet once more!
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19 March 2007 @ 07:43 pm
Life became more complicated for the pair upon their arrival in the South, as Kalavoth was only the second bronze that made the move, A'yon was thrust into a position that he had virtually no training or experience at, leadership. Iopeian, gold Ayerpheth's rider became Weyrwoman, but with two bronzes Kalavoth and Z'kar's Ioleth, the position of Weyrleader was unclear. A'yon, Iopeian, and Z'kar worked as a team to represent the weyr portion of the settlement as more fled to the south. One of the first things that occurred was a name was agreed upon, Connell, after Fort's first Weyrleader Sean Connell.

Life soon became routine, A'yon's talent as a woodcrafter soon became in as much demand as his abilities as a rider. Love it seemed also played a factor as during an emergency in one of the local caves, A'yon noticed the lovely Linsora, a former assistant headwoman who seemed to capture his heart. Things were going great, but as time passed on, life has a habit of changing rather quickly.

One day, Iopeian and a group of brownriders approached A'yon with a question, when golden Ayerpheth rose to fly, would he support the brownriders rising to catch her as well. A'yon had no complaints and agreed, to the delight of all. Matters changed however the night of the flight, as Ayerpheth rose, an unknown bronze from the North appeared to join in the chase, Z'kar and A'yon both ordered the brownriders to give chase, and keep the foreign bronze from participating in the flight. Caught up in the emotions of the flight, the brownriders balked at the orders, their dragons joining in the flight to catch the gold, winning the Weyrleader title. As Kalavoth and Ioleth try to keep the other bronze at bay, Ayerpheth was caught by brown Munwith, making a brownrider, Z'ulec the Weyrleader.

The morning after the flight, Z'kar and A'yon paid the new Weyrleader a visit, issuing a demand that he step down from the position and turn the weyr over to one of them. Z'ulec refused, leaving the two bronzeriders no choice, they decided to leave the settlement. A small group agreed with the pair, and belongings were collected as they made ready to leave. A'yon, not fully trusting Z'kar was torn between what he knew was right, and his new found love Linsora. Secretly, A'yon and Linsora made plans to stay in touch, and meet secretly when they could, even though Z'ulec had made it known that both Z'kar and A'yon were to be considered as exiles.

This history differs slightly from the version that is now known and used on Red Star Passes. What is written here is truth, what was actually RPed out, in RSP's timeline, it was T'lan's bronze who actually caught Ayerpheth but Io rejected him and chose Z'ulec as her WL. The rest picks up from there.
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19 March 2007 @ 07:38 pm
A'yon, rider of bronze Kalavoth, grew up with a different background than most riders in this turn. Born and raised to Smithcraft parents, Aryion was immersed in craft policies and ideas, as well as the history of Pern and the belief that Thread would one day return. During his 17th turn, Sr. Apprentice Aryion joined a group of crafters that were traveling to Benden Weyr for a supply run. Once there, he shocked everyone as he was approached by several riders as being acceptable to stand as a candidate for the current hardening clutch. On Impression Day, a deeply mahogany-hued bronze hatchling emerged from his shell, promptly claiming Aryion as his. As it was Smith Sr. Apprentice Aryion that walked onto the sands that day, A'yon lifemate to bronze Kalavoth strolled from them.

In his bronze lifemate, A'yon found the companion that had been missing all his life, and deeply saddened by the loss of his craft, he found solace in the presence of his dragon partner. Weyrlinghood was almost easy for the pair, the bronze quickly revealing an outgoing and playful nature, as well as a powerful build that was soon to develop greatly, making him one of the largest dragons in the weyr. A'yon's deep sense of honor and respect, as well as his tireless work ethic, soon had many of the Weyr's leaders looking toward him, leadership potential clearly in their thoughts. Upon graduation, he was tapped into the weyrleader's own wing, and the path ahead of the pair appeared to be filled with promise.

A'yon, however, found the life of a bronzerider without the threat of Threadfall to be a tedious one, and all too soon he discovered that potential was all too often measured by the dragon's hide, and not the rider's achievements. Dissatisfied, A'yon began seeking out the weyrsmith in his spare time, spending as much time in the Master's company as he could, determined to continue learning the trade that fate had seemed to take from him when Kalavoth touched his mind. Gradually he began devoting more and more time to his craft, still seeing to his rider duties, yet with not the same passion and work ethic that set him apart during weyrlinghood. Soon, he became the butt of jokes around the weyr, the rider who preferred to be a Smith and not a bronzerider. He stood apart from his peers, yet was still considered a member of the elite that goes by the title of Bronzerider. A'yon and Kalavoth did still make themselves rather well known by Kalavoth's success of continually winning one particular junior gold's flights. These made him quite a popular rider among the females of the weyr, although somehow he always managed to keep himself free of any personal commitments. This provided yet another reason for his fellow bronzeriders to dislike the pair further, for if that Junior Weyrwoman was to make Senior, the odds would be in Kalavoth's favor for him to win the critical flight and A'yon be named Weyrleader. Several of the bronzeriders went so far after one flight to complain to the Weyrleader about him, trying to request their transfer to another weyr. Not surprisingly, it was the efforts of the junior weyrwoman that convinced the Weyrleader that nothing needed to be done; the pair were assets to the weyr and needed to remain where they were.

This event sealed the future of the pair at Benden, no Wingleader would promote him, for the known affection of the junior weyrwoman was with him, and thus they didn't want to risk the pair gaining any further advancement in the weyr leadership as long as they could prevent it.

It was a chance comment to a Smithcraft Journeyman that brought him into contact with the underground movement, and A'yon, fed up with the lazy attitude and lax policies of the weyr, decided that he would join the cause. When the word went out about the journey South, A'yon and Kalavoth eagerly packed up their stuff and left, to the displeasure of many, and the amusement of others.
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21 February 2007 @ 10:02 pm
I joked about that subject line tonight in the last of two RP's that will wrap up Settlers of Pern's fantastic 2 year run. Many are jumping forward, and moving over to Red Star Passes MUSH, and then there are still those, like A'yon and Linsora's family, who are staying behind.

Tomorrow night will be the last for Connell Weyr and Settlers, and with it will bring an end to this character A'yon and his lifemate Kalavoth.

Myself and Linsora's player worked together a few weeks ago on a lineage chart for their family, she like myself, did not want to see our two beloved characters end.

So just what does happen to Linsora, A'yon, Kalavoth, their children, and the others of Connell who remain behind? Per the history of Red Star Passes, once the majority of the settlement jumps forward, those remaining behind slowly begin to return to the North, and by the turn 210 in the fourth interval, Connell Weyr has been abandonded. The settlement and purpose of it lost in the pages of history.

Linsora's player and myself, still envision a happy ending for our family, one that sometime in the near future I will post about. For now, as the end draws near... the promise that tomorrow is another day is kept close in my heart.

Lifemate to Bronze Kalavoth,
Weyrmate to Linsora,
Father of Ayrora and Linon,
Former Weyrleader of Connell Weyr

and above all... A Dragonrider of Pern!
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22 June 2006 @ 11:13 pm
Turnday Thoughts
This is a scene that A'yon and Kalavoth would have had sometime during the night of his Thirty-Second Turnday. It would take place a few hours after the log from the dining hall.
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08 March 2006 @ 08:54 pm
Players: A'yon/Kalavoth and Koeli/Quaroth
Time: It is about 8 PM on day 20 of month 7 of Turn 199 in the 4th Interval.
Synopsis: An early evening meeting results in talk of the future and a promotion in rank.

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30 December 2005 @ 12:49 pm
There is no excuse, except for a very busy summer, but, better late than never:

Log of Aryrora's Birth, Daughter of A'yon and Linsora

IC time: It is about 4 AM on day 17 of month 3 of Turn 197 in the 4th Interval.
Players: Linsora, A'yon, Surupa, Pinvoli

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25 October 2005 @ 01:01 am
IC Time: Late night on day 7 of month 6 of Turn 198 in the 4th Interval.
A heart to heart between A'yon and bronze Kalavoth

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22 August 2005 @ 12:23 am
Scene: D’ac finds A’yon and the two bronzers have a late night discussion about things to come.
Players: A’yon and D’ac
Time: It is about 11 PM on day 11 of month 12 of Turn 197 in the 4th Interval.
Place: Dragonet Caves
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